“Ricki is seriously amazing. By the first moment, she feels like a teammate in your journey in the best days. She boosts you up when you are feeling defeated, but holds you accountable to your goals and the steps you need to get there! Do yourself a favor and work with her” – Kyle

“Working with Ricki has been a pleasure and an insightful journey. Her genuine concern for the success of her clients is welcomed. The training, while intense is also fun and interactive. I never know what to except when I’m working with Ricki and it’s the best part about doing this with her.  She keeps things interesting, but most of all, she holds me accountable! I wouldn’t go anywhere else”- Andrea

“I have learned how to eat right and when to eat and learned the exercises that work well for me. I have lost weight and for the first time I haven’t gained.  I back this program 100% and if you are struggling with your weight this is a program that WORKS!!”- Shelly 

“Ricki’s walking groups and challenges have really given me the jump start back into fitness that I needed” – Alyssa 

“Her 30 day challenges made a big difference for me.  It kept me motivated week after week” – Kelly

“Working with Ricki has been a unique and transformative experience.  As someone who has long struggled with weight and body image issues, working with Ricki has given me the tools to finally “break” what has been weighing me down. Ricki is innovative in her approach and training with her has shown me a whole new way to look at working out. Training with Ricki has given me effective exercises that I can easily replicate on my own, no matter where I am.  Ricki is never short on new snack food ideas, great music and a totally infectious energy.  She has been endlessly supportive when things have been tough or when I’ve been ready to quit. It has been awesome to have a partner on my journey to Break The Weight and I can’t think of a better partner than Ricki” – Danielle 

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